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Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Chicken in on ya'!


I made this card for a friend, and she should be receiving it today, I HOPE! LOL! I found this rubber stamp when I was cleaning out some of my scrappy stuff, and have NO IDEA where I got it, but I thought it was SOOO CUTE!
I'm not much of a coloring person, so I used pics of Pinky's Chickens to get the color. Not sure I got it, but I was happy with it.
THANKS for stopping by and taking a look!



  1. Oh my goodness I need that stamp! LOL What a fun card, I think the coloring is great!!!!

  2. Yup! I'd say your chicken matches Pinky's. Great job. I love the chicken stamp it is soooooo cute!!!
    Cindy Lou