PLEASE TAKE THE TIME to do an inventory of your home! A FIRE can destroy your life in a flash. I would HATE to have ANYONE go through what I am going through!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

My First Project Life Page-Our Garden


WOW! It's been forever since I have got to scrap! I've been working in my Scrappy Room the last couple of days and this evening after go through and looking at some of my goodies, I just decided I was going to PLAY with some stuff!

Here is my layout:

I am linking this up over at the NEW and AWESOME Week-2-Week Project Life Challenge Blog.

Their challenge is to use a Currently Card, but since this is my VERY First layout using this I chose to do pics that I took Sunday of our garden and my flower bed. They have a free download for an AWESOME "Currently" card, but since I used pics from one event, I made my own and here it is:
I think that I will enjoy this Project Life, it was FUN just to scrap! I hope you play along.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Week 2 Week


It's been like FOREVER since I've been on here, but LIFE is getting back to whatever NORMAL is!! LOL! It's been SO LONG I forgot what NORMAL is, well I do know that my "old" normal will NEVER be again, because of losing my home and LOTS of my stuff to the fire in December. 
Slowly but surely I am finding a NEW normal in our new to us home. It's a used trailer but it's OURS and I am making it cozy and comfy. I will post pics, but with a hectic and stressful work place I've been SO EXHAUSTED I haven't even cared about the house. I am slowly getting things in place and gone through. 
I have been checking out this Project Life stuff and am thinking maybe that's the way to go! I am SO FAR BEHIND it isn't even FUNNY!! I have placed a few orders for some new scrappy stuff and I am SO EXCITED to get it.
I was just SHOCKED when I got on Facebook and found out that 2 scrappy friends had got together and have a new challenge site and it's for PROJECT LIFE! TOO FLIPPING COOL!! 
You need to go check them out!! 

You can find it here Week 2 Week:

I HOPE to be blogging at least once a week in the future! I've FOR SURE missed my Scrappy Time and Preserving my Memories.