PLEASE TAKE THE TIME to do an inventory of your home! A FIRE can destroy your life in a flash. I would HATE to have ANYONE go through what I am going through!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Our New Home page 2


Here is my layout for day 2, I did get it done yesterday and posted in on the facebook group. I was just to busy with my taxes to post it here last night.

Taxes are done, for now, until Hubby gets last year's out of the attic so I can make sure I have everything listed that needs to be listed. He was suppose to do it this morning before he left for work and he forgot and I had to go to town to get my boys as their regular sitter wasn't available today. So, it me and my Bubba Braxton today! We will have to bake some cookies as the other 3 will be here after school! FUN FUN!

So here it is, again nothing fancy, but I made a page! LOL!
I am going to take my time today and HAVE FUN making my layout.


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