PLEASE TAKE THE TIME to do an inventory of your home! A FIRE can destroy your life in a flash. I would HATE to have ANYONE go through what I am going through!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

LESS-Project #1

I started to revamp my blog yesterday and got IRRITATED with
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Today was the day I started my "LESS" in my home! We have a storage room in the basement that was TERRIBLE!! (my fault) It was one of those things that I just would go in and PUT stuff. I didn't keep it in any kind of shape and after living here for 4 1/2 years, it was BAD!! So, I wanted to SHOW you how bad it was:

Here are some before pics, just remember this is STORAGE: LOL!
This was taken at the door into the room:

These were the shelves on the left side:

These were the shelves on the right side this is where I store all my home canning goodies, but since we haven't had a garden for a few years, it's kinda empty:

This is behind the door, which is under the stairs, Camping stuff and all that paint and stuff on the shelves was here when we moved in. I told Hubby he had to deal with that if he wanted it gone! It will probably be there until I get tired of it being there! I forgot to take an after pic of this, but MOST of the stuff stayed, I just moved it all out so I could sweep the floor! OH, I did throw away the Wii boxes that were from 2010 Christmas!! OOPS!

This is AFTER, doesn't it LOOK Nice? SOO HAPPY!

The right side shelves all clean!!
The left side LOTS of room for some home canning this summer! All those boxes on the floor are my Canning jars:

Here is the stuff that I will be selling in a Garage Sale this Spring:

And these two piles are TRASH!!
I HONESTLY thought that this would take me DAYS to do, but I managed to get it done TODAY!! I am SO HAPPY and that makes the other things on my Project Less list a LOT less SCARY!! LOL!

Thanks BUNCHES for stopping by and taking a look at my LESS!!



  1. AWESOME Momma!! Good Job!! Looks great!!

  2. wow Kim...just look at all that space you created. all ready for 2012 cast

  3. LESS scary get it! lol! :)
    Great job Kim.