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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Scrap Room!


I FINALLY have my scrap room "JUST THE WAY I WANT IT!" LOL! After several months of moving things around, going through my stuff and organizing it ALL!! Let me tell ya' it was no EASY task, but I am HAPPY with the way I have it now! So, I thought I would share with ya'll, so you can imagine where I am when I say I am in my "Little Piece of Heaven"!! LOL!

So this first pic is of my bulletin board and my photo board that I made out of a BIG sign that hung from the ceiling at work. It is just a fiber board and I covered it with material and added homemade ribbon to it to hold my pics. If you were to actually stand at my Scrap Room door you would be looking at the side of my TV and the bulletin board, which is covered in funny sayings, mementos of different events and of course pictures that my Grandkids have made for me. The blue curtain on the right side of the pic is the curtain to my closet that is behind the door. That will be the only thing you see of my closet!! It's still organized CHAOS!! LOL!

This pic is of MY PLACE!! LOL! The table on the bottom right of this pic is the same table you see in the above pic. As you can see I am surrounded by tables! LOL! And of course, when I am scrappin' they are ALL Covered!! LOL! You see my Cricut next to my puter, the containers to the left of my Cricut hold my scraps and of course my M&M Cookie Jar that holds my fave candy bars Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and 3 Musketeers! (My Grandkids FAVE things also!!) I have my Sketch Notebooks and magazines handy on the shelf along with pics and mementos from different places. The basket on the end holds my chargers for camera and cell phone along with my "work" apron. Below the table there are 3 different set of drawers. The one on the far right holds my "office" type things along with all my extra adhesives and some scrappy stuff. The next one holds my 4 x6 and 6 x 6 paper. The biggest one on the left holds 6-12 x 12 containers that I have my pics seperated in order. SO, when I need something to scrap I can grab one and ALL pics and mementos are on one board and I can work from them. (CM Power Layout) Under the table where my Cricut is, I have my printer and a trash can. Of course I LOVE that my puter and table is right in front of a double window, so I have LOTS of light and can also see if someone pulls into the driveway or watch the traffic go by on the highway and STALK the mailman if need be!! hehe

More of MY PLACE! The wooden barrel holds ALL my fibers and ribbon! I have them seperated by color and in different plastic bags. My Dear Hubby built a Lid to go on top of the barrel, so it also serves as another place to sit, cause my Scrap Room is the happening place to be, and it's also my Grandkids FAVE place to sit!! On top of it is my "BAG"! It holds all my tape runners, adhesives, scissors, pens, glue dots, pop dots, stapler, sandpaper, rulers, you know ALL THE GOOD STUFF!! LOL! You will also see the Statue of Liberty there in the corner, which actually has a pic of my daughter's face. I went to a Retreat a couple years ago, and she wasn't able to go along, so we made this to take with me, so she could "be there" in spirit!! I had LOTS of fun with her, and plan on making a Mini Album of the Travels of Liberty Tiff!
This pic is of my PAPER!! OH MERCY!! Yes, I know I need a 12 x 12 step program! LOL! Well, actually only the 10 sets of 3 drawers on the bottom are paper!! OMG!! I just announced to the world that I have 30 drawers of PAPER!! (OOPS, there is more hiding in the closet! OW!!) The 4 sets of drawers on the shelf, not that you can see the shelf, but there is a shelf there! LOL! Those 12 drawers hold my embellishment type stuff. Chipboard, alphabets, brads, eyeletes, journal boxes, inks, stamp pads, Glimmer Mist, some stamp stuff, embossing powders and that kinda thing. On the first shelf of my book case that hangs on the wall is an M&M Cowgirl that holds "Goodies" for my grandkids, then I have my container with flowers, my Card tin, my button jars, and a basket that holds my paint and paintbrushes.

Then here is a pic of the whole wall, so you can see my hanging book case. It mostly holds pics of family and friends and of course my M&M collection of goodies, well that is just a SMALL part of my collection, it won't all fit so I trade them out occasionally!

And that is the end of my little tour of my scrap room! I hope you enjoyed looking around and getting a glimpse into where I sit and do my scrappin'!! Please leave me a comment, I would love to know what you think! Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by!

Have a GREAT Day,

Me Ma Kim


  1. Great space!! Thank you for sharing Kim :)

  2. Thanks for the tour neat and wonder you produce such beautiful pages!!

  3. Wow, nice job Kim! I LOVE all that organization. ;)
    - April

  4. Great room Kim. I can see why it's the happening place to be.

  5. What a great place to scrap! Hope to have a whole room for my scrapping someday too! (right now I'm limited to a desk and a shelf). Oh, It's ok, I think we all have too much paper! Love the idea of having some treats in there, I need to start doing that!

  6. I like your scrap room! I know you posted this some time ago but I'm new to scrapping & blogging! Love getting new ideas for my room in progress. I'm thinking about doing a before & after. Thanks for sharing your space!