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Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Fun!


I hope EVERYONE had an AWESOME Easter weekend! I know around here, we sure did. All my grandkids were here Saturday and we decorated eggs and then had an Easter Egg Hunt! It was Quite FUN!! Pic are at the end of this post, but first I must share the layouts I made amongst all the fun that was going on.

Did you take part in Creative Scrapper's Blog Bounce? I did and had me a bouncing good time. The inspiration from all those talented ladies was just WONDERFUL! The wonderful Kristine put together a .pdf of all the sketches that were used in the bounce and you can find it here.

I used Sketch 98 from Creative Scrappers to make this layout of my little guy, Braxton,
Little Body, BIG Attitude! LOL! He is such a happy baby!:

Then I turned the sketch to do the other page;

Here they are together:

I used a couple of the sketches from the bounce to do these two layouts: (WOOHOO!! From my wedding back in September!)

NOW onto the fun pics!

Abby and Christina coloring eggs:
Danny helping Dominic:

Danny helping Braxton, not sure he knew what was going on, but had to have a pic:

Danny "HIDING" eggs, he threw them off the deck! LOL!! IT worked!!

Getting ready for the BIG Hunt:
Lil' Buddy with his basket of eggs:

Braxton with his eggs, Danny didn't help to much cause we were busy laughing at Lil' Buddy and Abbers ALWAYS going for the same egg! LOL!
My Angel Cricket and her basket of eggs:
My Princess Abby and her eggs:
WHOA, Lil' Buddy! This has to be my FAVORITE picture of the day!! What a GREAT Action shot! He was "into" the hunt! LOL!
Abby and Dominic:
Lil' Buddy even found eggs in the wood pile:


After hiding and finding the eggs a couple of times, the kids decided it was time for them to "hide" the eggs. They would stand on the patio and throw them into the yard, once they were all in the yard, they would "RACE" to get them again! Was VERY FUNNY!

That's all the news to share today! Thanks for stopping by and having a look.

Have a GREAT Day,

Me Ma Kim

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