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Monday, March 22, 2010

Paper Flowers


I finally got around to doing the other page that will go with my winning layout for Imaginisce's February Sketch Challenge, this is also my entry for Creative Scrappers Sketch 93:

I have had several requests for instructions to make the flowers that I made for my layout, so here ya' go:

To make each flower you will need a 3/4" x 12" strip of paper, distressing ink, a scrap of paper for the base and a tape runner. (for the flowers on my first layout, I used 1/2" strips, but they were hard to work with, so I did 3/4" this time and they worked MUCH better.)

I pleated my paper at about 3/8" intervals, making sure that it would lay flat, but making my folds so that they would curve into a circle.

Once I had the strip all folded,
I took my distressing ink and inked the outside of the ruffle.
I then flattened it back out and used my tape runner to put long strips all the way down the back side.
Then take your scrap of paper and start making your flower, turning it as you go.

at the end, I tucked it under the start of the flower, to make my circle.
I then stitched it down to hold it all in place.
Then I trimmed the excess scrap paper.
for the last step, I distressed the top and put a pop dot in the center. I hand cut my circle for the top as I didn't want it perfect, and then distressed it also.
There you have it a COMPLETE flower.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! If you have ANY questions, please leave me a comment and I will get back with you.

Have a GREAT Day,

Me Ma Kim


  1. that flower is awesome!!! great tutorial!!!

  2. super cute flower!! thx for the tutorial!!