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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Purple Cows Contest!


I have been on CLOUD 9 since yesterday morning! I found out the card I made for my DIL for Christmas was chosen by Purple Cows for their contest. I could win $5000.00 of Purple Cow Scrappin' goodies! I am SUPER EXCITED!
Here is the card I made:

You can read more about it here on this POST.

You can vote for me on Sadie Purple Cows Blog I am LUCKY #7!

Here is the pic of me using my Purple Cows Creative Cutter that I sent in when I joined. (I was home alone and in my jammies! lol)
This is my little "blurb" I sent in with my entry:

I got my inspiration from an etsy shop. She had made flowers from corrugated cardboard, I thought a Poinsettia would be really cool for a Chrismtas Card. I traced my pattern and thought there was NO WAY I could cut the tough cardboard with scissors, so grabbed my Purple Cows Creative Cutter and it was a breeze! Purple Cows came through for me, I LOVE the versatility of the products. I now know that NO MATTER what Purple Cows will have the “PERFECT” tool for whatever crafty project I decide to take on. Thanks for the chance to win the “goodies”.

The voting is going on now and I think this is the last day, so if you haven't voted I would SO APPRECIATE your vote! If you have voted, THANK YOU!!

I want to say THANKS to Tessa for the Inspiration!
And also, a HUGE THANKS to Pinky, had I not found her blog and the info on the contest, and some words of encouragement for her, I would have never entered!

Me Ma Kim

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  1. Oh how awesome Kim!!!!!!!! Good luck chicky!!!!