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Monday, January 25, 2010

Dirty Girls Challenge 1

Here is my layout for the Dirty Girls First Challenge;
My Pet Peeve
I had a VERY hard time, this is my first time being DIRTY! I am not right sure I got it nailed, but I am happy with it.
My Peeve: People who just can't seem to let things go! The ones who haven't realized they hold the key to their future.
My thoughts: I have learned to deal with whatever happens and move on. I cannot and will not let one thing bring me down!

On the tags: I have put GET OVER IT, MOVE ON, Let it GO!, and along the swirly things I have wrote Be Positive, Smile, Do NOT dwell on things that I cannot change and Live, Laugh, Love.

This is kinda my first baby step, I think it will get better! I have had LOTS of ups and downs in my life and sharing some of them may not happen, cause they are buried DEEP!
Thanks for taking a look!

Have a GREAT Day,
Me Ma Kim


  1. Great page!! I agree 100%

  2. You did a great job :) This was my first "dirty scrap" too and a bunch of fun. XoXo