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Monday, November 2, 2009

WOW! It's already November!

HOWDY! I cannot believe that November is here already! Where did October go to? I did manage to see my all my Grandkids on Halloween, you can see the pic on my sidebar of them all dressed up. I also went with my Daughter to take the girls Trick-or-Treating and they had a BLAST! We decided next year we are DEFINITELY taking the day off, so we can have LOTS of fun! I only slept 4 hours Saturday and then after all the fun, had to go to work and work all night Saturday! WHEW was I wiped out when I walked outta work Sunday morning!

I have joined a new Scrap Group and they have LOTS of challenges going on, so I am hoping that I will be getting LOTS of pages done. I hope to be posting new layouts soon and some more pics of my grandkids.
I hope everyone is having a GREAT Evening.

Me Ma Kim

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