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Thursday, November 12, 2009


HOWDY and OMG! I was SOOOO THRILLED to go take a look at Charlene's Blog and see my name and that I had won her Sweet Treat! WOOHOO!! It has made my WHOLE WEEK and I am thrilled!

I didn't get any scrappin' in today as I had both my granddaughters overnight and after I took Angel to school and Abbers home this morning, I then went and picked up my DIL and my grandsons to take Little Peanut to the Dr. for his 2 month check up. He is getting SOOO BIG! He is 24" long and weighs 14 pounds. He got 2 shots today, one in each leg and needless to say he was NOT very happy.

I am very tired tonight and not sure that I will have the energy to scrap, may just go veg out and watch Survivor here in a bit and then head to bed, and maybe get a good start in the morning. It's back to work tomorrow night, can't say that I have accomplished a lot in my 3 days off this week, but such is life! I am sure when I get in the mood to clean all the dirt will still be here! LOL!
Have a GREAT Evening!

Me Ma Kim

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  1. hi thedre kim...its mandy from artastic...just touching base and loving your little chrissy deco...and congrats on being a winner...take