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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sketchy Thursday11-12


Here is my version of Sketchy Thursday's Sketchy Challenge for last week.

This is of My Princess Abbers playing in the tub with her new Bathtub slide that I gifted her last year at Christmas! She just LOVES it, and the batteries we go through! MERCY! I did use paint and splattered it on a waded up piece of cardstock that I then wet and laid flat to dry. After it was dry, I then took some paint and mixed it to get the color I wanted and then added water to it and kinda splattered it around with my fingers, was a bit messy. I wasn't happy until I accidentally splashed water on it and then I was like WOW that is COOL!! hehe I finally had to iron it, so that I could get it to stick onto my background, but all in all I think it turned out pretty good and I am happy with it!

Hope you are all having a GREAT Day!

Me Ma Kim

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  1. I love bathtub layouts! Just too fun! The splatter is great. Thank you for sharing!

    Tessa, Sketchy Thursdays DT