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Monday, October 19, 2009

Starting Over and Catching UP!

I decided to start my BLOGGING over! I started this about a year ago and had made 4 posts to it, they were old to say the least, so am starting fresh and hope to keep up!
I have MANY BLOGS that I follow and some are listed on the right. I have gotten LOTS of inspiration from the ladies I follow and hope to give some back!
A little about me: I was finally married on September 13th to Sammy, the love of my life. We have been together for 11 years and decided to make it final. I have 2 grown children and 4 of the MOST ADORABLE Grandkids! LOL! If you follow me or come back I am sure you will be seeing LOTS of them! I used to be an avid scrapbooker, but changing from part-time day shift to full-time night shift at Wal*Mart has definitely made a HUGE difference in the amount of time I spend here in my scrap room. I am not sure what kinda scrapper to call myself, I just go with the flow! I like to try new things, unfortunately living here in the middle of Missouri in a rural area, with not many scrap stores close by, I usually just use what I have. I tend to go CRAZY when I do make it to a scrap store! I LOVE to make .gsd files with my Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter, and do have an online store:
I have several freebies in the store and also in the forum. That's another thing I hope to keep up date a little better! Here are 2 files that I made last week, had been SO long since I made a file that it took me pretty much most of a day to make them, but I am VERY pleased with how they turned out.

Last Tuesday was Grandparent Lunch at School, so here I am with my Angel Cricket. Of course, I took her McDonald's for lunch!

Wednesday I got to spend the afternoon with Princess Abby. We had LOTS of fun, after only sleeping for 2 hours and then keeping up with her! LOL! We had to pick up Cricket from school and when their Momma came to get Abby, she went down and sat for about 20 minutes to catch one of the baby kittens, here is Abbers with it:

And it snuggled right up to Cricket's neck:

Cricket got to spend the night with me "alone" no Abby, and Sammy was working! She was THRILLED! We read some books, did her homework, quizzed her on her spelling words, made some dinner and then she soaked and played in the tub until she was a prune! On the way to school Thursday we made a stop at Wal*Mart and bought her a new outfit. After school she got to go to the Versailles Tigers Mini Cheer Camp to learn the cheers for Friday nights High School Football game. I went to town to run an errand and stopped by and snapped some pics of her practicing:

Friday was spent trying to get some things done around the house and get some sleep in so I could take Cricket to the game at 6:30 and then onto work at 10, all the while trying to ignore the pounding in my head! Here she is cheering at the game we won 57-0!! GO TIGERS!

After she cheered we went to McDonald's for dinner and then back to her house to warm up and I tried to take a little nap, until it was time for me to go to work, head was still pounding! Daddy and Abby went to the other Grandma's house and Tiff was working til 10 so Cricket went to work with me and then home with her Momma. I made it about 2 hours at work, the more I moved the worse my head hurt and things were started to spin, after about falling off a ladder I decided it was time to go home. Saturday was spent in bed, trying to get my head to either totally explode and put me outta my misery or quit hurting. Finally went to town around noon to get some of the over the counter meds that you have to sign for cause they are controlled! GO FIGURE! They worked, but gave me the Heeby Jeeby, skin crawling, hair standing on end feeling! YUK! Finally around 8ish Saturday the pain was at least to a dull roar, took more meds and went to bed. Sunday cleaned up a bit and at 1 went to town for Princess Abbers 4th Birthday Party at the Bowling Alley! I didn't bowl cause I was afraid I might go down the lane with my ball! Afterwords, the whole family came back here and Mom brought food for dinner. Was our last get-together cause Mom and Dad leave for Texas in the morning!! WOOHOO!!

Here's Abby at the Bowling Alley:

Abby making sure her Momma lights all the candles:

Today, have put my house back together from all the kids, grandkids and family yesterday. Made sure all the laundry is caught up and will be heading to bed here shortly for a nap as my head is FINALLY back to normal, so will be going to work tonight!

Hope everyone has a GREAT DAY!

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