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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I am following "The Purple Cows"! Heard they were giving away LOTS of cool stuff! WOOHOO!! You know me, I am ALL ABOUT SCRAPPIN' STUFF! Well, found out the specifics this morning! You have to use one of their products. Unfortunately, for me, I don't have any of their products, thought hmm.............maybe time to do a little online shopping. WELL, tried several places and all I see that they have are cutters and laminators. I have all the cutters I need and a laminator just isn't something I "NEED" right now. Was hoping maybe some paper, punches or some kind of cool embellishment stuff. Guess I never paid much attention to what Purple Cows carry. OH, well, maybe Pinky will still win! I am rooting for you girlie! GOOD LUCK!

I am off work now til Sunday night! YIPPEE!! We have plans to go out and eat on Friday and Saturday nights, you know the kind where you actually sit down and they wait on you type of places, NO DRIVE THRU!! Can't wait! Also, am planning on doing some scrapping and seeing what I can get into!

Hope everyone has a Great Day! I am off to bed for a little nap before I fall outta my chair here!

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  1. They also have a cheaper small item called a freestyle mouse. You can get them at Tuesday morning or sometimes Big Lots for under 6.00!I would go trim my paper with one and take a picture at the scrapbook store *wink*